Outdoor Kitchen Items

The Top 10 Items To Include In Your Outdoor Kitchen

bull-outdoor-kitchenCooking outside can be a fun experience, but much of that experience relies on your equipment. Make sure you are equipped with these items before undertaking outside cooking.

1. Unless you have a built in oven, you will need a burner of some sort. A two burner camping stove can be a great investment. Otherwise, a basic flat griddle can cook so many different items. Pizza ovens and other specialty cooking areas are also popular choices.

2. A great assortment of cutlery can ensure that you always have what you need. Cooking outside doesn’t lend itself well to grabbing extra items. Tongs, spatulas, spoons, and ladles are all must haves for any form of cooking.

3. Always bring a fire extinguished. If you are cooking over an open fire this can be the difference between a good night and a horror scene. Cheap and portable fire extinguishers help keep everyone safe.

4. Dishes for plating up food. Even if you are cooking just outside your home, running in and out can be annoying. Keeping dishes nearby ensures that everyone gets to enjoy their food nice and piping hot.

5. Oven mitts can be particularly useful. Many pots and pans useful for outside cooking get very warm. Using these mitts to grab handles can save your hands from a large amount of pain.

6. A grating system for an open flame setup will allow you to make many more interesting foods. In addition, it will be easier to clean up and use multiple times. As a bonus, marshmallows and other foods can still be roasted while other food is cooking. This can help give a cookout the feeling of a camping trip.

7. A warming drawer for already cooked food. It can be difficult to keep everything warm when cooking outside. Warming drawers make sure this isn’t a problem while giving you more space to work as well.

8. Trivets or other places to put down utensils. Cooking outside is not the cleanest environment. Ensuring that you have a place to put down your utensils when you aren’t using them can make the environment a bit safer. This also helps avoid grease stains on existing areas.

9. Some form of a fan. Fans are necessary when cooking outside. Sudden winds can come up and spread accumulated smoke over guests or yourself. Using a fan will make sure that smoke doesn’t ruin the meal. It can also help for ventilation so that fires and other such accidents are much less likely.

10. Outlets are a must. While it is tempting to try and completely rough it at times, modern cooking and entertaining generally needs some form of electric device. Having outlets ensures that the little devices you use everyday can be taken outside with you. This allows you to make a much larger variety of foods as well.

Now you are ready to start cooking in the sun. Always make sure to be safe and keep your area clean. Read more about kitchen and bath remodel over here.


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